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Custom Design

Custom design can look different for every person and project. Sometimes the hardest part of custom design is getting started.

Getting Started

Look for elements of design that appeal to you. The arch of a doorway; the curves of a classic car; the texture of a feather…

Elements from many different pieces of jewelry can be incorporated into one design that is uniquely yours. Nothing compares to a custom design that is yours alone… it will tell a story for generations.

There are many different techniques used to customize jewelry:


Metal fabrication is the creation of a piece of jewelry by cutting, bending and assembling new pieces of metal stock, wire and/or tubing.

CAD Design

If you can dream it, it can be made a reality by computer-aided design. Taking elements from your favorite things we will create 2D & 3D renderings. At this step in the process you can make any changes needed to suit your desires.

Wax Carving

Hand carving your design in wax and casting in the desired metal.


Simply removing the stones from your old jewelry and mounting them into a new, ready-made mounting.